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window scala


An ode to history. The medieval technique of mouth blowed window glass used in new applications.

In the Middle Ages window glass was made by blowing a hollow sphere. By spinning the sphere at high speed, the centrifugal force created a large flat disk.

With time an industrial production process was perfected in order to produce in a cheap and fast way many large windows. However, what has been lost in this industrially made product is the authentic craft, movement and imperfection. This tells in a visual way the story of a man-made, unique product. The blown glass shows through the specific distortion the other side in a surprising way, where reality is played with.

A window consists of two parts: the glass and the frame. In addition, the window divides the space in the area in front of and behind the window. The interaction with space is very important. The specific deformation of the artisanal glass plays a major role in this.

this project is in collaboration with The Glass Factory Boda, Sweden

workshop organized by Oasis & Lagoon