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seasonal curtains

Woven textiles as curtains influence the light in a space to suit changing of seasonal needs

A curtain is a very important element in the living environment. The light in- and outside and the quality of the fabric are very decisive for the atmosphere in a room. The light from outside depends on the weather. Seasons have a lot of influence on the light, think of the difference between summer and winter light.
The characteristics of the seasons often do not match the needs that one has during that period. In the winter there is a greater need for light, warmth and isolation from the outside world. During summer you have more need to filter the amount of light, to cool off and to experience the outdoors more when you are inside. From these needs the properties of both fabric qualities have arisen and have been summarized in a winter and summer curtain panel.

In collaboration with the weaving department in the Textile Museum in Tilburg, the two different fabric qualities have been developed. The structure of the weaving gives the curtain panels an industrial quality level.

winter curtains
These curtain panels are block-out curtains so there is no connection anymore with the other side of the curtain. This shields light sources from the outside, only the artificial light in the room is visible and has an interaction with the curtains.
The material has two unique sides, each with their own tactility and identity. The panel is easy to release and turn around horizontally in the hanging system, so that you can determine which side is hanging inwards.

One side is reflective because gold wires are incorporated. This ensures that light reflects off so that the light sources are amplified in a room.

The other side has a loose weave and is made of Mohair fiber, creating a soft, hairy structure. The light pink color gives a modest cozy effect with the light inside.

summer curtains
This curtain panel is a lace curtain, so you still have a connection with the other side giving interaction with light and movement. The summer panel consists of two matching panels with a continuous pattern. In these patterns is played with the amount of warp (vertical threads), in which a gradient is arranged over the two panels together. A gradient has also been used in the horizontal direction. As a result, the amount of light transmitted depends on the horizontal and the vertical position on the curtain, varying between 75% and 50%. It is not just a filter, but the nuance of light gets a richer palette.

The panel is easy to release and turn around vertically in the hanging system, so that you can determine which side is hanging upwards.
The vertical threads are made of white cotton and the horizontal are made of brown paper yarn. The paper yarn has been chosen to get a stiff and firm effect.

this project is in collaboration with the weaving department of TextielLab | TextielMuseum