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braided weave

In this research I explore weaving and braiding techniques, which are brought together into one technique in order to renew the construction of three-dimensional textiles. Basket braiding is an age-old traditional technique in which our hands do the intensive work. This technique has a lot of overlap with weaving textiles. The structure of the design varies and both techniques have different properties in terms of complexity and character, but there are also clear similarities. The Braided Weave archive shows a diverse collection of samples in different forms of technique, structure, shape and scale. For the composition of the yarns used, I work together with the department of Passement at the TextielLab in Tilburg. Together we design various cords, braids, ropes and twine yarns that are suitable for combining with the Braided Weave techniques. Then, custom-made molds are made with which the final three-dimensional shape of the textile is created during the manufacturing process.